Research and Development

Optimization and development of single-phase electromotors in order to increase the suffering of high-quality molded products, responding to customers and increasing market demand for single-phase electromotors, trying to diversify products through design with an extruded electromotor, lift electromotors, openings, gearboxes And electromotors for switching switches (SR) for use in household appliances and in the oil, gas, petrochemical, textile, food and mining industries, etc., by providing after-sales service to customers.

Quality assurance and control

In order to fulfill the goals of Raad Motor Co., to provide customers with satisfaction, a policy and prism has been prepared and announced, in which each employee of the company is committed and committed to follow this policy and to coordinate with it. The control unit, as the leading unit in the field of quality, strives to improve the quality level of products step by step, in coordination with other units, using the continuous improvement method.

after sales services

Thanking you for your chosen choice, considering that the management of Raza Motorshahr’s company believes that customers are the most important capital of a company, therefore, in order to maintain and develop this capital, increasing the level of customer satisfaction and meeting their demands as a main goal. Is . The company is committed to providing more communication with customers’ expectations and expectations.

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