About Raad Motor Kousha Company

Raad Motors Co. was established as one of the most prestigious electromotor manufacturing companies in 2006 and currently has all kinds of single phase electric motors and all kinds of 24D.C and 12V electric motors licensed in various types of home and automotive companies. European and European countries’ standards are produced and marketed in Iran’s internal markets, foreign countries, Arab countries and neighboring countries. Radar Motors Co. has been able to improve the quality of its products by utilizing a modern laboratory equipped with testing machines and quality management system.

Research and Development

Optimization and development of single-phase belt-cooled single-phase electromotors with the aim of diversifying production and optimizing energy consumption through efficiency

Optimization and development of single-phase electromotors to increase the range of products with high capability to respond to customers and increase market demand for all types of single-phase electromotors, striving for product diversification through extruded frame design, elevator electronics, door opener, clamp Boxes and Switched Reluctance Motors (RS) provide customers with after-sales service for use in home appliances and in the petroleum, gas, petrochemical, textile, food and mining industries and so on.

Production of various types of DC motor electromotors including alternator, starter, wiper, glass, radiator fan and ventilation and so on due to the high market demand of the vehicle as well as automation of automobiles and the use of DC motor.

Raad Motor Co. is ready to cooperate with companies with reputable domestic and foreign brands in the field of BLDC Electromotors project.